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Trends For Content Marketing in 2017


Ahhh, the New Year is upon us. It’s that time where we all start thinking of new beginnings, goals and dreams, and strategies to get there. If you haven’t started to strategize your marketing for next year, we encourage you to take this trends into consideration.

  • Content Marketing – A Better Understanding

Last year only 30% of content marketers said they felt confident in their ability to use content development to bring about growth for their clients (as provided by Forbes). This year, a full 63% of B2B content marketers said they are “much more” successful in bringing about effective content for business growth. So, if you’re not yet on the content marketing train – you should be.

  • Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Yes, I understand to some of you, I may sound like a broken record. However, still over 70% of small businesses have a website that is NOT mobile friendly! Over 85% of ALL internet searches are now done from a mobile device – it’s time to get on board!

  • Facebook

Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla of content, content, and more content. It is still the most-used social media site on the web – and a fun fact – when people are searches for a business industry or location – just as many people search Facebook 1st as those that use Google search. The same amount! This is an insane number. Remember when people told you that you needed your business to show up on Google Places (or Google Maps) so that people could find you? Well – now the same is said for Facebook. If you’re not on there, guess what? You’re leaving money on the table (and no business owner wants to do that).

  • Conclusion

Maybe we are prepping you for 2017 too early – but there’s a great quote:

“It’s better to plan and fail, than to fail to plan.”


1 thought on “Trends For Content Marketing in 2017

  1. Howdy Mark! Glad you told me about your site when we met in Indianapolis, I’ve needed to get the restaurant back to my trendy roots but I’ve just been overworked lately. Had no idea that 70% of businesses don’t have a mobile-friendly website, with your help I should be able to gain an advantage over the other Sushi bars in my area. I’m really interested in re-doing my website and possibly getting an app in the works, when would be a good time to call you this week?

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