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How to Market Your Content Toward Millennials

Millennials are a tough market to please. There’s no doubt they run society, but their needs and trends seem to be changing every day. So how do you properly gear your content toward them? It may seem like an impossible task, but we guarantee you it’s actually pretty simple once you think about it.

So what’s the best way to target a millennial?

Become the millennial.



Step One: Think Like a Millennial

As noted earlier, marketing content to millennials is actually pretty simple when you think about it. What is the most popular thing among millennials? The thing that most of them seem to not be able to live without? Social media.

Perhaps the best way to market your content toward millennials is to use social media. A large majority of millennials use social media on a day to day basis, and about a third of them prefer it as a way to keep in touch with their favorite businesses and brands.

Even still, it’s not enough to just have a social media account or two. It’s not even enough to simply post a couple updates now and then. In order to connect your social media business accounts with the attention of millennials, you need to engage.

On top of this, it’s important to think inclusively. Millennials are extremely against stereotyping. This isn’t to say that they don’t do it – rather that they don’t like when they see other people do it (especially businesses). Sound confusing? It’s okay.

Don’t assume anything about your audience; keep things general and light. Not only should you not assume things about your audience, but you also shouldn’t assume anything about anybody in general. Millennials thrive on including and loving everybody. They are the social justice warriors of the world, which is something you should at least keep in mind while considering your business tactics.


Step Two: Talk Like a Millennial

Millennials thrive on experience. They don’t want to buy, they want to live. It’s important to keep this in mind when considering what kind of content to push. Don’t make it so much about the product. Instead, make your content more about the things they could do with the product and the life they could live because of it.

With that said, most Millennials also don’t trust traditional, direct advertising. In short, they don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. You might think that would be difficult to avoid, but it’s actually not. All you’ve got to do is change your approach.

Instead of advertising a product on your social media posts, start a conversation. Share information with the purpose of entertaining or providing value. By not primarily worrying about conversions, that’s how you’ll get them.

You’ll also want to include content that caters to individuality. Millennials love to express themselves in whatever way they can, so using this to your advantage will fuel your engagement through the roof. Rather than speaking to your audience as a whole, write as if you are directing your content to one person in particular.


Step Three: Act Like a Millennial

After you’ve started the conversation, you need to keep it going. Think of it like a friendship. If somebody sends you a message, you respond and then you never hear back from them, wouldn’t that be a bit irritating? If it happened enough, would it turn you off from wanting to talk to them again?

This is how Millennials think. With this in mind, it’s important to continue the conversation once it’s been started. Reply to every comment or every time somebody mentions your account in a post of their own. By doing this, you’ll be showing your audience you appreciate them.

Past your use of social media, you’ll need to make sure your business practices match your content. Nobody likes a hypocrite, and this includes Millennials (if not even more). If you say something in your marketing content, make sure your actions line up with it. For example, don’t say you support gender equality and then make a pen “designed specifically for women”.


Like we said, it may seem confusing going into it, but marketing your content to Millennials really isn’t that hard! There may be a lot to it, but each thing ties into each other to make a cohesive picture: the Millennial.

And if you still need a little help, we can even do it for you! Blue Grey Marketing specializes in social media management, and we can help turn your content marketing into a success, regardless of who your target audience is (but especially the Millennial!). Check out our website or reach out to us for more information!

1 thought on “How to Market Your Content Toward Millennials

  1. You really got me laughing with that “Become the millennial” line! My wife definitely scolds me about this all the time, she keeps telling me to put videos of our Hibachi chefs doing cool grill tricks on Instagram but I never realized how useful that sort of marketing would be for the youngsters.

    Thank you for such a well thought out article, sometimes I feel too old to keep up with Social Media for our Sushi restaurant but the entire family feels blessed to know you guys are sharing so many insightful tips!

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