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3 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block that will Change the Way You Work

When it comes to any job that requires creation and mental effort, it’s easy to hit a block. This is commonly known by writers as writer’s block, but it can apply to many other jobs. One job in particular that is often looked over when considering blocks is marketing.

Marketers are constantly having to come up with new, creative ideas and plans to successfully communicate the vision of whatever brand, company or project they are working with. This constant mental and creative exertion often causes blocks to come up. This is called marketer’s block.



Beating the Block

So marketer’s block exists, but how do you get past it? This block can sometimes be the death of a marketer’s career – but only if you let it. Luckily, it doesn’t have to get that far; there are ways you can move past your marketer’s block and come out with winning content or strategies.


Take a step back.

The first step to beating any block is to just take a step back. You should always approach projects with enough time to have several days to complete it. When you hit a block, you should have enough time to step back and come back to it the next day. If you don’t have a day to step away, then at least take a couple of hours to let it rest – an hour at the least.

Going back in with a fresh mind will help clear up any issues you may have had before. It’s easy for your brain to just get tired. Staring at the same thing for a prolonged period of time – especially a screen – is an easy way to fry your brain. By taking a step back, your brain has enough time to rest and go back in fresh. Just think of it like your brain taking a power nap.


Look at other work.

Although you should never steal ideas from other pieces of work you didn’t partake in creating, taking inspiration from something can easily help you get past a block. If you’ve taken a step back and you still feel like you’ve hit that dreaded marketer’s block, take a look at various projects to help guide you in the right direction.

There are plenty of resources online for different types of projects; you should easily be able to find something within the realm of what you’re working on. With that said, you also shouldn’t be afraid to look at things outside of your project’s genre. An unexpected approach can turn your whole project around and give it a new breath of life it wouldn’t have had before. Of course, it has to make sense, but you’d be surprised how many techniques can be applied throughout different genres and still work.


Get a second opinion.

If all else fails, a break doesn’t work and you can’t find any inspiration, the best way to move past a block is to get a second opinion from somebody you trust. This is like the step above taking inspiration from successful projects. By getting a second opinion, you are hearing directly from a mock audience.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at a project from any perspective other than your own – the creator. Having somebody else come in and give you a second opinion allows you to see your project from the point of view of your audience. Looking at your project with the eyes of the person who will receive it can make certain issues clear to you that you might not have seen before.


The End of the Block

The most important thing to know about any kind of block is that it’s all in your head. A block is simply a mental red light keeping your brain from moving forward. All traffic lights eventually turn green, so all you have to do is get yours to turn and you’ll be ready to work again.

Using the red light analogy, running a red light is never a good thing. You’ll get a ticket, crash or both. Trying to force yourself to work through a block will likely not lead to good content and you’ll only be left in a worst place than where you started. It’s important to refresh yourself before continuing in order to allow yourself to do the best work you can.

Luckily, there are many resources out there that can help you get past your block. And if you need some outside help to complete your many marketing tasks, Blue Grey Marketing can give you a hand! Anything from social media to graphic design, we’ve got you covered. If help is what you need, get in touch with us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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  1. Seems like marketers and comedy writers have a lot in common. I built an entire career out of stand up comedy, but making the transition to internet memes for backup income has definitely left me scratching my head at times. It seems like all the jokes that could ever be made about pop culture already exist.. if I see another Matrix/Neo meme I might just give up on comedy altogether. Your tip about getting a second opinion is basically a career saver 🙂

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