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Optimizing Social Media Content to Attract Readers

When it comes to marketing your content efficiently, there are many obstacles to overcome. Each obstacle has its trials and circumstances, and, every time you pass one, another one shows up in its place. Perhaps the largest and most difficult hurdle to overcome is the magic of optimizing social media content to attract readers. Luckily, there are ways to pass this barrier! Do you need help optimizing social media content for your business? Keep reading to find out how.

Optimizing Social Media Content to Attract Readers

Choose Your Timing Carefully

Social media users will likely only see the content posted within the last hour of their browsing. Because of this, it is critical for you to time your posts carefully.

Unfortunately, there is not necessarily a clear strategy regarding at what times are best to post. Each industry and niche will have a different audience. Each audience will live different lives that allow for various points at which to use their social media. This fact means that you must research the specific niches you are targeting to determine a proper posting schedule. Trial and error is often the best way to figure this out.

With that said, there are some recommendations you could follow to get a head start on your research. Generally speaking, posts on Facebook are reported to perform best between 1 and 3 PM. Twitter posts are said to do better between Monday and Thursday during the daytime before 3 PM. Instagram is harder to determine, but its posts do better in the evenings between 7 and 9 PM.


Work on Growing Your Followers

Before worrying about optimizing social media content for your business, you should work on increasing your followers. No matter how great your content is, nothing counts if you don’t have any followers to see your posts. Some social media platforms have algorithms that only show users different posts from accounts they are already following unless they specifically go out of their way to search otherwise.

Some good ways to grow your follower base is to engage with other accounts. Search hashtags that are relevant to your market and chosen niche. When you have found users who may find your content appealing, follow them and comment on some of their posts. Avoid seeming like you are trying to sell them anything. Social media users typically like to feel appreciated and not like they’re being sold something.

Another good way to gain more followers is to post engaging content. The best way this can be done is by asking questions people can answer in the comments. Encourage people to share your posts by running contests that reward people for shares. Of course, this can only be done after you already have an initial follower base, but it can help grow what you’ve already started.


Optimizing Social Media Content with Visuals

One great technique for optimizing social media content is to use visuals whenever you post. Many people are visual thinkers, in particular on the internet, and will react better to posts with pictures or graphics than to posts that only use bare text. Find or create visuals that complement your content and help deliver the message intended by your post. On top of feeling more encouraged to read your words, users are more likely to share your posts with their friends.


Create Unique and Shareable Content

Your audience isn’t likely to share or even read your content at all if the words aren’t appealing. By creating unique content, it is more likely that people will continue reading and share your post on their various social media accounts. Doing this is even more important on platforms like Twitter that restrict your word count.

Creating unique content depends on the types of things your audience likes to read. By researching your market, you can discover pre-existing, trending content that can help you develop your posts. Writing about trending topics in your posts with an original spin is an excellent way to encourage people to share your content.


Optimizing Social Media Content: Debunked

In the end, optimizing social media content may feel easier said than done, but it’s not that hard when you think about it. It takes a lot of work, but you could be optimizing social media content for your business tomorrow by following these steps.

Plan ahead and create a schedule that works for your chosen niche. Also, research topics that affect your market or other topics that your audience may be interested in. Have a list full of potential topics to pull from just in case you ever hit a marketer’s block. By following these tips, along with the other strategies mentioned previously, you’ll have optimized content in no time.

With that said, if you ever feel like your social media could use a little outside help, get in touch with us here at Blue Grey Marketing for information about our services!

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  1. I’ve definitely struggled with finding the right time to post to my meme Instagram during the week.. weekends seem to get more engagement for me on average. Maybe you guys have some ideas on the best times to post for a comedy based social media account?

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