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Introducing: Facebook Watch and Why It’s So Cool

As social media platforms release new developments across the board, it’s clear that every network must fight for the spotlight in today’s constantly changing, technological age. For example, YouTube launched a live streaming service to compete with Twitch, a popular streaming platform currently owned by Amazon. With everybody else making changes, it is now Facebook’s turn to step up the game. It’s safe to say that the game has definitely been stepped up, though, with their new release of Facebook Watch. What is Facebook Watch? And why is it so cool?

Introducing: Facebook Watch

What is Facebook Watch?

Back in July, sources such as Bloomberg Technology were reporting on the upcoming releases scheduled for mid-August after several previously postponed release dates. Facebook Watch will be funding short, original programs and aims to include higher-end programs in the future; however, the shows are only being funded initially to gauge the market and are not planned to be funded long-term. With that said, Facebook Watch will not be in competition with platforms such as Hulu or Netflix. Instead, it will be in competition with the likes of Google’s Youtube Red.

The new social media television platform will replace the old video tab on mobile, desktop, and TV apps. Before its official release, Facebook Watch will be beta tested be a “limited group” of people. These people will mostly be influencers in social media television programs such as publishers and creators.

Along with the release of Facebook Watch, Show Pages will also be added to the update. Show Pages will be much like current business pages; however, they will be specifically laid out in a manner that makes it easier to understand the show’s purpose and also to allow easy access to the show’s seasons and episodes.


Why Should Social Media Marketers be Excited for Facebook Watch?

If you’re a social media marketer, the upcoming release of Facebook Watch will either be a nightmare or a piece of heaven on the internet. On one hand, it’s one more thing added to your plate to worry about whether you can use it to your advantage. On the other hand, social media television is growing in popularity so much that you’d be silly not to at least consider it as an option.

On top of being able to monetize shows in the future through ads, utilizing Facebook Watch could be incredibly profitable for you just through the sheer number of viewers you would gain. If you can reasonably find a way to create a show based on the content you have already been posted, you could benefit a ton from using Facebook Watch as a creator. People love visual entertainment — especially pieces they can follow along with. Why do you think television itself is so popular?


How You Can Utilize Facebook Watch for Your Marketing

After Facebook Watch is released and open to new creators, it would be wise of you to find a way to jump on that train as soon as possible. The platform may grow in popularity over time, but the first few weeks and months of its development will have many people checking it out. If you can get your business in during the beginning times of this platform, you’re sure to reap the benefits.

With that said, how can you utilize Facebook Watch? It may be more difficult for some business to figure out what kind of content they could release in a television-like series. However, it’s easier than it may seem. When all else fails, tutorial series could do very well for your content.

In order to determine what kind of content you could release in a series of episodes, take a look at the content you have posted in the past. Were there any posts or series of posts that did particularly well with your audience? Use the substance of those posts to brainstorm ideas for a show that could stimulate more engagement from you viewers.

In the end, Facebook Watch is either going to be a blessing or a curse for social media marketers after its release. With the popularity of Facebook in general and the amount people use it throughout the day, it’s unlikely for this new platform to do poorly. However, platforms like YouTube Red haven’t necessarily been booming with progress. (That could also be because YouTube Red costs money.) It’s possible that Facebook Watch may end up in the same boat. Regardless ooooof how it turns out in the future, it is important as marketers — especially on social media — that we keep up with new trends and find ways to utilize them in our content. Hopefully Facebook Watch will be a turning point for all of us.

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    • Agreed! Can’t wait to make use of FB watch for the restaurant.. you’ll have to come visit in Indy once Facebook launches it.

      Andriana, noticed your article mentioned Watch has been postponed a couple times in the past. Any idea on when it will actually launch?

  1. Had no idea FB would integrate show specific pages, really loving how they’re changing the face of social media & business!! Great article 🙂

  2. So excited to hear this wasn’t just a tech rumor! Even though I struggled a little bit launching a Facebook ad campaign for my adult novelty store (all the nudity internet laws are really a darn headache), I’m thinking that that those of us who have FB business will have an easy time learning the new features.

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