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Good and Great Web Design – Whats The Difference?

Web Design

With so many people claiming to build websites, and so many different companies now offering web design services narrowing down your options can be a daunting task. Should you choose to save money? Or just spend the money? How do you know if you made the right choice? What kind of things do you not even know to ask about web design? What kind of questions should you asking of your web designer? The list goes on, and the confusion mounts and what do you mean my current website is not responsive?

We are Blue Grey Marketing, and we are here to clear away the confusion. Please do continue reading.

Better Web Design

Most websites are built either by a graphic design artist, who builds a great looking site, but it does not perform well or rank very high on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Either that, or the website is built by an SEO expert, and it performs well on the above mentioned search engines but is terrible to look at aesthetically – and in neither case, did anyone bother to ask the marketing guy what he thinks nor was the topic of  how to build a website that will convert traffic into customers even discussed.

This is the Blue Grey Marketing difference. We specialize in building websites that look great, perform well on Google, and generate leads for the business owner. This is what separates us from the rest of the crowd.

Blue Grey Marketing - Web Design Specialists
We specialize in building websites that look great, perform well on Google, and generate leads for the business owner.

We have a team of web design specialists. Experts that excel in SEO, Marketing, and Graphic Art Design. We all work together to blueprint out the new web site design. Utilizing all the latest technology for security. Discussing each item and feature, together as a team with Great looking aesthetics, SEO dominance and ease of web traffic conversion are all focal points of our discussions and targeted goals. We work very closely with you, the business owner, and the end result is a new web site that is designed to look great, built to perform well on and adheres to all of Googles recommendations for premium search engine ranking, and site engineered to seamlessly transition casual web traffic into purchasing customers. All at a cost that will usually save you about half of what anyone else is asking or charging.

How Do We Do this?

Because we are good!

As an entire team we have built and/or optimized more than 40,000 web sites for SEO purposes. We do not waste time with inefficient energy, and we do things right the first time. Our team is small, yet highly skilled and qualified. All of these factors working together keeps our overhead down, allowing us to deliver to you a better web design at greater value.

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Test Your Site

For those reading this article that have just had a new website built, or for those with longstanding existing web sites that are ‘just curious’ as to how well your site tests out and scores against the Google Algorithm Feel Free to Test Your Site Here.

You simply enter the URL address of whatever website that you would like to test, Press Submit and our testing tool takes about 60 seconds to analyze your site. Upon completion, you will be provided a score indicating a percentage of how well optimized your site is. This score is a direct determining factor in where Google decides to place your site in its rankings. If you feel there is room for improvement after testing your site, then Lets Connect. We would be happy to discuss a strategy with you for achieving online dominance.

Our Reputation

We have been building websites and helping people to achieve dominance online for more than 10 years and in that time we have developed a reputation for going above and beyond and routinely exceeding clients expectations. These facts are well documented with our more than 35 reviews on Facebook alone. Your  amazement, awe, and sincere appreciation for our work is what really drives us though; and it is what we strive to achieve with every new project that we take on.

One Last Question

What about the ‘DIY’ websites?

That is a great question – Unfortunately, quality web design has traditionally not been inexpensive and that has opened up a market for template based, cookie cutter type web design companies to enter into the market place with products that are very much like a ‘website in a box’ or a ‘Do It Yourself’ kit. They are sometimes offered as FREE for a year and then a monthly fee kicks in. These type of websites often turn out looking generic and the same as every other website that was designed by people all over the world using the same tool. Further they end up costing way more than a regular website because the monthly payments never stop. So in essence, often times you are only renting the site instead of actually owning it. Template based websites are also known to perform poorly in regards to SEO and Search Engine ranking. In our experience, these types of websites end up being a huge regret to those who choose them. So much of a hassle, that we have had many business owners come to us seeking a solution. So we love them, but not because we use them. Because they are great for our business as they turn out so many disapointed clients of their own who wish they had chosen Blue Grey Marketing in the first place.