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Google My Business – A Guide To Proper Page Set Up

Creating A ‘Google My Business’ Page

The first step is to determine if you need to claim an existing ‘Google My Business’  page or create a new one from scratch. So if you have not done so already. A quick search on Google Maps and Google Search should be enough to determine this. If you see an existing listing, simply click ‘claim this listing’ and follow the listed instructions.

If you have no page, then sign in to your Google Account, and from there you can easily create a new Google My Business page or just click Here. You will need to get your profile up to as near completed status as possible, but until you have verified your listing; you will not be able to fully complete your set up.

Google My Business Checklist

  • Make sure to correctly fill out all relevant business contact info (exactly as they are on your website).
  • Add the correct categories to your business.
  • Add a profile picture and header photo
  • Complete the about your business section.

This should take your profile to about 80% complete, which is about as far as you can go until you have verified your business with Google.

Verify Your Business

Every business page now has to be verified by the U.S. Postal Service rather than by telephone as it was once possible to do many years ago, but this practice has since been stopped due to the abuse of the system.

At the top of your My Business Page, click on the blue button that says “verify Your Business.” Check the details and Google will then send you a pin code in the post.

Google My Business Verification Process

The verification process can take up to two weeks to arrive by mail. Once you have received your postcard, all that’s left to do is enter the pin code in your “Google My Business” page. To show that you have verified your account, you should then put a little tick in a shield next to your business name. Once your account is verified it will start showing in the results for both Google maps and Google search.

Updated Posts

An out of date ‘Google My Business’  is a page can often be a liability as there is often nothing more disappointing than looking at a company before you buy from them and realizing that they have not updated their page for years and, generally speaking, look a bit lazy.

You should update your ‘Google My Business’  page at least once a week with both photos and written content both. This content can consist of your latest blogs, customer feedback, news, special offers and shout about you and your business often make great posts for your ‘Google My Business’  page. Be sure to include and update photos and videos often (weekly) for best results. People love content and so do potential customers. When it comes to choosing your business over your competitors business you have to find a way to stand out. Properly managing your ‘Google My Business’  page, is a great place to start.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the new SEO, but not just any reviews – responded to reviews. The good ones, the ok ones, and yes, even the bad ones. The more you respond to your reviews, the more favor you gain with Google. This one step alone will place you higher than most of your competitors in local SEO as they are unaware of what you are reading right now.

The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business appears online and the higher you rank on local search results for your services. They also serve to reinforce to new customers that your business is worth using, and you will also get a little star rating underneath your business listing. When you are competing with many other competitors this can help you stand out from the crowd.

Local Citations

Citations are “mentions” of your business name, address and sometimes other contact details on other web pages that are not your own. Sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, etc… serve as good examples of well-known citation sites and they are a key element of ranking algorithms for both Google and Bing.


If you have quite a few citations online, your business page has a better chance to rank, especially if you are taking care of all the other elements we mentioned as well.

It is better to aim for high-quality sites and always make sure the address you use across the Internet is exactly the same as it needs to be exact and consistent in order to get the most from it.

Have More Questions About Google My Business?

If you would like further help or explanations regarding setting up or managing a ‘Google My Business’ account for your own business then please do not hesitate to contact us here at Blue Grey Marketing.


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