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The Power Of Networking


The power of  networking cannot be overstated. I believe people are only one relationship away from changing their entire life. I also believe that we are the average of the 5 people we most closely associate with; and if you’re the smartest person in the room – you’re in the wrong room. If you believe as I do, then networking is for you.

I discovered networking at a time when I had lost my biggest client and about 95% of my income went away with them. That same night I went to a network meeting in my area and have continued ever since.

I am now flourishing and working with great people and great companies doing business on a level, that for so long, I have strived to get to. I have in no way ‘arrived’ where I want to be and I still have goals I’m striving to accomplish but I am much closer to accomplishing them today than I was the day before I started networking. Keep reading and I will reveal the 3 most important ‘Networking Tips’ I have ever gotten, three of the many keys to blue grey marketing’s success.

  1. Approach people and ask them what they do – they will be happy to tell you and if they ask, tell them what you do – If they don’t ask, they don’t care anyway.
  2. Make the appointment before you leave – don’t wait to follow up later. Schedule an appointment to meet later while standing there in conversation with your new contact.
  3. Join Master Networks. Master Networks is the premiere business networking organization in the country. A nationwide organization that meets in local chapters to share business experiences, undergo world class training and pass referrals to each other.

Just consider the possibility of joining a group of business professionals that meet each week and becoming friendly with a new group of successful people that are willing to pass your name to their friends and business associates whenever they see an opportunity to do so. WOW – That’s an entire sales force that’s now working for you and doesn’t require a salary.

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