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What is Placement Marketing?

Reach Anyone Near You with anb blue tooth enabled Android device

Blue Grey Marketing Official Asirvia Affiliate

Blue Grey Marketing Official Asirvia Affiliate

Placement Marketing, well that sounds funny – What is that? is a question we often get along with a quizzical look when ever we ask someone if they are familiar with the term. Placement marketing is using placement technology aka proximity marketing to deliver a message to passerbys phones about your special offer or information.

Imagine being able to send a short message and a clickable link to everyone around for a radius of a football field – no matter where you were. You could be at a school function, a crowded auditorium, a concert, a mall, or a football game, sitting in traffic or a prestigious restaurant. It makes no matter – Everyone around you has messages on their phones with your message and link to your website – Your affiliate link or your landing page.

Imagine being able to change your messages at will, or even schedule different messages for different times i.e. breakfast specials, lunch specials, happy hour for example.

We are happy to announce that devices with the above capabilities exist and we have the hook-up.They are referred to as Go-Units and the company is called Asirvia.

They are in essence very small Bluetooth beacons and work exclusively off of the Google Nearby network (so no iPhones as of yet). So it’s not a perfect system in that it doesn’t transmit to iPhones but there are a whole lot of Android users out there with their bluetooth on and getting my message to them, while I am doing something else entirely means a lot of opportunity missed if not taken advantage of. That’s where these little go-units come in at. All you do is carry them – one message per unit. You can carry several at once or give them to different people to cover more area but wherever they are at, they broadcast a 40 character message and a clickable link that you can edit and change at will.


Have your sales people carry them, plant one in front a competitor’s door. Keep near your door or kiosk to broadcast in a crowded mall, or food court type area. The possibilities are endless. Your message shows up quietly as an alert/notification on phones of anyone with an Android phone within 100 yards of you. Want to know more? Want to know how to order one of your own? Click Here. Or you can always contact us here and check Asirvia