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Restaurants Can Now Edit Their Menu Items With Google My Business

Google My Business Now Lets Restaurants edit Menus
Google My Business (GMB) has rolled out a new feature specifically for restaurants As of February 1st.
Restaurant owners that are managing their GMB accounts themselves or if they have professionals such as Blue Grey Marketing handling it for them, either way, account managers can now create and edit menus to be displayed in your GMB listing. This is another example of Google’s never ending quest to display only the most relevant search results.
This new feature can be found from inside the GMB dashboard under the Info tab. With this new editor, you can now add and edit menu titles, descriptions and prices for each of your menu items. You can also now further customer menus by broken separating your menu items into sections such as appetizers, entrees and desserts.
This is quite a bit different the only having the ability to create and edit structured menus via the Google My Business API or third-party menu services. As was the case, prior to this new update. Restaurants that are already connected to a third-party provider will not have access to the editor.
At this time, this feature is only available in English speaking markets.
If you are a restaurant owner or manager and would like to know more about this or just making your establishment more visible on the internet, then please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a complimentary brainstorming session. bluegreymarketing.com

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