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Increase Your Sales With This Mobile CRM – Next Level Suite

What Is Next Level Suite?

You may be wondering what in the world is a CRM, or perhaps your already familiar with what they are and how they increase your sales efficiency. Either way, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Next Level Suite.

Next Level Suite is a very economical way to take control of your contacts, your referrals, your leads, the people you meet networking. Customers, past customers, vendors, employees and any other category of contact that you may have. Not only does Next Level Suite serve as an contact organizer but it serves your business as a marketing platform as well. Allowing you to create custom email templates, designs, and campaigns, as well as keep track of your follow up tasks with each contact and its all accessible right from your smartphone.

With in Next Level Suite is the ability to integrate forms with your website, so that every form submission on your website is an automatic entry into your CRM contact database and the contacts in the database now get retargeted marketing campaign efforts. This creates an warm audience that is receptive to your marketing and advertising because they are already familiar with your brand.

They can tell you better than we can – From their website

  • Your Next Level Suite Websites 

Market your business and grow your database using your Next Level Suite website.

  • Broadcast Tool

Send a single message to a group of contacts. Constrain by area code, zip code & more!

  • Email Campaigns

Edit or create your own email campaign messages. You’re in control.

  • Emails and Scripts

Use this page to customize your contact manager by creating your own emails and scripts.

  • Warm Market Wizard

Quick and easy way to introduce people to your business.

  • Ad Link Generator

Get the perfect link so you can track your ads.

  • Audio Creator

Record or upload audio files and send them to your prospects, team members or post online.

  • Video Creator

Record, upload or import video files from YouTube and share with your contacts.

  • Text Message Codes

Use text messaging to give new leads easy access to you. With one simple word text to you, you now have contact information from a potential client.

  • NextCall

Reach more clients faster by using the automated phone dialing system that will leave voicemails, and save you the time of dialing.

Just imagine how the simplicity of this system could dramatically change the way you do business and lead to a much increased yield from your sales team. Feel free to give us a call for more information. This is especially critical if you are also thinking of rebuilding an old website or even a building a new one for the first time – best to get started right, straight from the beginning. Sales funnel websites that are built to convert are our specialty. Simply put – We build websites that work!


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