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We Build Websites That Look Great, Rank High, & Convert Traffic into Customers!

The design of your website could make or break your business.

There is no doubt that good web design has become essential to businesses in today’s modern age of technology. As human beings, we are usually drawn to aesthetically pleasing things and often judge things we deem “ugly” or “unattractive.” This tendency consistently translates to how customers view
your business, especially when it comes to your website.

We have a team of web design specialists. Experts that excel in SEO, Marketing, and Graphic Art Design. We all work together to blueprint out the new web site design. Utilizing all the latest technology for security. Discussing each item and feature together as a team with Great looking anesthetics, SEO dominance and ease of web traffic conversion are all focal points of our discussions and targeted goals. We work very closely with you, the business owner, and the end result is a new web site that is designed to look great, built to perform well on and adheres to all of Googles recommendations for premium search engine ranking, and site engineered to seamlessly transition casual web traffic into purchasing customers. All at a cost that will usually save you about half of what anyone else is asking or charging.

As an entire team we have built and/or optimized more than 40,000 web sites for SEO purposes.We do not waste time with inefficient energy, and we do things right the first time.

Our team is small, yet highly skilled and qualified.All of these factors working together keeps our overhead down, allowing us to deliver to you a better web design at greater value.

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So how do you get an attractive website that converts and keeps customers coming back?

Here comes the tricky part. Not everyone has an eye for aesthetically appealing design. And even if you do have an eye for it, it’s likely that you simply don’t have the time or, perhaps, you don’t have the experience or knowledge necessary. After all, you do run a business; you have plenty of things on your plate to worry about besides designing a good-looking website. With that said, you know that a good website is vital to the success of your business. So what’s your next move?

Blue Grey Marketing can create an extraordinary website for your business that appeals to customers and encourages conversions.

How can we deliver on this promise? We build website with three major factors kept in mind: design, search engine optimization, and lead generation. By working with modern trends and search engine algorithms, you’re left with a successful and attractive website that we guarantee will exceed your expectations.. Our team is made of experienced designers and SEO experts who are constantly updating their knowledge to match the changes of time, and the entire project is overseen by our marketing department leads to ensure cohesion and successful integration.

Our team provides high-quality, affordable web design services for you and your business – without breaking your wallet or budget.

We understand what running a business is like. In fact, we have experience in that ourselves. You’re busy, and you have money tied up in everything. Our main objective is to provide you with quality results rather than simply sell you a service. Because of this, we offer several payment options that guarantee you can still leave with an attractive website made for conversions – regardless of what your budget is. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to reach out to us and discuss your needs or what you have available to work with.

We offer standard or non-standard website packages, depending on your needs.

Because every website is different and each business comes with its own specific needs, we offer two types of packages that cover the general needs most websites will require. Our standard web design package covers a basic, informational website with no more than fifteen pages. These websites will be built to look good, navigate easily, and rank highly on popular search engines by following current SEO trends and practices. If you’re looking for a website to hold information regarding your business and services, our standard package would most likely be the best fit.

On the other hand, websites that will include a shopping cart, large database, or other extravagant features would be categorized under our non-standard package. These websites are priced on a case-by-case basis, as the features may vary depending on the business. Most projects can be completed within a two-month period, and you will be kept in the loop throughout the process as updates are submitted to you for approval.

Other services can also be added onto our standard or non-standard web design packages. We offer web hosting, domain registration, monthly web maintenance, blogging, video blogging (vlogging), organic SEO, Google My Business, and search engine indexing. Packages are also available as a priority or rush service if such circumstances are necessary.

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